Water Garden In A Pot

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Ever wish you had your own little pond in the backyard with water lilies and lotus? Don't be disheartened if you don't have a big backyard...you can have your own little pond in a pot! We have this step-by-step tutorial for you to create your very own water garden with lilies and goldfish right in your porch or balcony! Making ...

Kitchen Storage Solutions

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Too many things to keep in the kitchen but you can’t seem to find any space for the essential things?Well, now you can say goodbye to your worries because kitchen storage just became so much easier.I was very low on storage space and so I had to store smart. I started dividing everything up categorically. Cooking Oil I needed small units ...

How To Clean Carpets

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Imagine setting your feet on a soft and furry surface as soon as you’re back home after having a tiresome day work. Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? But most of us they are hard to maintain and clean. Not so much I'd say. Let's see how! The benefits derived from a carpet any day are manifold: which other sort of floor covering would ...

8 Ways To Organize Bedroom Closet

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Are you a little obsessed with organizing? We are too. So we thought we'd provide a list of ways to organize your bedroom closet. Pick and choose from the ideas below... 1. Use vertical space (both above and below the closet rod) to store more. You can go for this very reasonable shoe rack that will easily fit under the hanging rod ...