Living Room Color Schemes For This Season

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Decorate your living room in the most trending color schemes of the season. Vibrant yet calm Complementary colors such as orange and blue in bright shades come on strong, yet the right decorating strategy ensures people aren't reaching for their sunglasses. Using the bright shades against a backdrop of white softens the effect. Using the colors in patterns, rather than large ...
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Living Room Sofa Alternatives

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If you love new and unconventional then you must love the idea of an alternative to a sofa in your living room. Here are some great ideas to ditch your sofa for seating options that are fun and unique just like your style and character! 1. Chic Upholstered Seats 2. Swinging Love Seats 3. Cozy Floor Pillows 4. An Enjoyable Window Seat 5. A Hammock to ...

How To Clean Carpets

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Imagine setting your feet on a soft and furry surface as soon as you’re back home after having a tiresome day work. Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? But most of us they are hard to maintain and clean. Not so much I'd say. Let's see how! The benefits derived from a carpet any day are manifold: which other sort of floor covering would ...

Ways To Arrange Living Room Furniture

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Various ways of arranging living room furniture...pick the one that suits your home and your style! 1. Arrange for Face-to-Face Conversation Arranging the seating pieces to face each other over a shared coffee table makes conversation easy, and the table keeps drinks in easy reach. This is one of the most conventional arrangement types for the living room furniture. 2. Divide the ...

Add Exposed Brick Feature

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Exposed bricks are the hottest feature in the home decor field. See the different ways you can add this feature to your home to make it modern and trendy. 1. Exterior Adding exposed bricks to your exterior facade is the most common way of incorporating bricks. Some truly beautiful brick houses: 2. Feature wall in the living room An exposed brick feature ...

Blue Living Rooms

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Blue is a calm serene color that always has a positive effect on the environment. If it's your favorite color then here are some ideas for you to decorate your living room in blue. 1. Dark Blue Feature Wall Paint the main wall a darker shade of blue to make it the feature wall. Tone it down with a lighter shade ...
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Guide to Buying Curtains

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Updating your living room curtains can completely change it's look from old boring to super glam! Find out the hottest curtain trends for this season 1. Sheer Curtains Sheer curtains are the trendiest this season. Everybody who is serious about home decor would be buying a double curtain rod and adding a layer of sheer curtains behind their fabric curtains. Go ...