Water Garden In A Pot

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Ever wish you had your own little pond in the backyard with water lilies and lotus? Don't be disheartened if you don't have a big backyard...you can have your own little pond in a pot! We have this step-by-step tutorial for you to create your very own water garden with lilies and goldfish right in your porch or balcony! Making ...

Outdoor Dining Inspiration

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Enjoying your meal outside in a cool fresh breeze with your loved ones sounds like a dream. It feels like a dream too! Here are great ideas and inspiration for you to set up your own outdoor dining. Lighting The most important aspect of outdoor dining is the lighting, especially for dinners. If you are planning to set up the ...

Plant Pot Ideas

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I love gardens, in any shape or size! Even when I was living in a 200 sq ft closet-sized-apartment in Hong Kong, I still kept a few potted plants on my window sill. I think a touch of fresh green is perfect for any space, however big or small. Here are a few ideas for plant containers to get you started. ...
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Spanish Inspired Exteriors

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Spanish homes have the charm and elegance only a centuries old tradition can have. The design is simple yet grand. Spanish exterior will definitely make your home unique and charming. White stucco exterior and walls Fresh white paint covers roughly textured stucco — a hand-applied mix of cement, water and sand or lime. The result is an aged-looking Old World ...

Add Exposed Brick Feature

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Exposed bricks are the hottest feature in the home decor field. See the different ways you can add this feature to your home to make it modern and trendy. 1. Exterior Adding exposed bricks to your exterior facade is the most common way of incorporating bricks. Some truly beautiful brick houses: 2. Feature wall in the living room An exposed brick feature ...

Balcony Ideas

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The smallest of balconies can provide a relaxing space where you can head out and get your daily dose of fresh air and sunlight.


Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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Make your outdoors a great space to entertain. Be it a huge garden or a small balcony adding colorful lamps and lighting is a beautiful idea to decorate your outdoors. 1. Add rows of bulbs The simplest and easiest way to make any outdoor space festive and cheerful is to add rows of bulbs. Just add a few strings of incandescent ...
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How to create the perfect garden

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Everyone wants that perfectly landscaped and manicured garden but can’t afford to hire a professional to do it. Now create the perfect garden with these amazing tricks given by leading designers, landscapers, and master gardeners to make your outdoors look like a work of art!