Blue flowers knife painting

Rhapsody in Blue

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Large flowers enjoying monsoon showers always conjures up images of contentment and joy. Monsoon showers bring fresh breezes and the smell of wet soil. Everything is wet and green and fresh and verdant. In the midst of this joyous bounty, nature finds ways to express her happiness through bright patches of color like these flowers. I painted these flowers when …

Koi Fish Pair in Lily Pond

Koi Fish in Lily Pond

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  One of the cornerstones of Zen design is the pond containing Koi fish, in a peaceful setting among water lilies. When we visited Japan, I was captivated by the numerous temples, each with its own Koi pond. Sitting by the side of one, it was possible to be transported into a meditative, almost trance-like state. Zen gardens tend to …

Tuscany poppy fields

Summer in Tuscany

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    Summertime in Tuscany is glorious. The weather is balmy, the fields are golden and the air is scented with wine. In the distance, the cool mountains beckon travelers, while in the foreground a lovely scene of rolling golden fields dotted with bright crimson tulips unfolds. While visiting Italy, the farmlands of Tuscany are an unmissable sight that one …

Ikat abstract painting in home

Ikat Inspired Abstract Painting

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    One of a kind large abstract¬†Ikat inspired painting, which is acrylic on canvas with gold accents. The painting contains shades of teal, green, prussian blue, black, crimson, orange and yellow ochre. The colorful and fun element will bring your living room to life and will sure be it’s focal point. There are elements inspired by the age-old ikat …