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You definitely don’t appreciate getting your favourite dress oil-painted, do you? Doesn’t it pinch you when your choicest saree is tumbled down because of gravy stains or maybe veggie attacks? You sure hate being in such circumstances, don’t you? 'Keep Calm' Apron Buy Now  Well here is what you need- a kitchen apron, yes you heard me right- an apron. Easy on the pocket, ...

Emergency Light

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As summer is round the corner and the bothersome power cuts are approaching, here is a product you would definitely love to own and use. When there is no electricity and your inverter dies, this is what would save you the discomfort- Eveready HI 57 Emergency Light. Once you see this product on Flipkart, all you have to do is click on ...

Dough Maker

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Whilst ‘chapatis’ are higher in fiber, protein and micronutrients, the efforts involved in kneading dough definitely push it down on our preference list. Kneading dough is one job that surely tests my patience and I’ve never lived up to it and therefore I was startled to come across this Kitchen Pro Plastic Spiral Dough Maker Machine that would save my hands from all the ...

Non-Stick Pans

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Are you a health freak? Do you find ways to avoid using oil in your food? But, cooking without oil seems like an impossible task? Well, I was definitely tired of the food getting stuck to the pan whenever, I used less oil. Here's the solution! Talking about the product, I have been using it for the past few months ...

Non-stick Tadka Pan

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You may use a small non-stick frying pan to temper spices for your routine dal tadka, but eventually; the pan would take on curry flavours and won’t be apposite for cooking or tossing anything else. What to do then? Here’s the answer- Pigeon’s all new non-stick tadka pan which is available at Amazon. Skilfully crafted with a thick aluminium body and featuring a spiral ...

Guide To Buying Aromatic Candles

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Since times immemorial, candles have been burnt to attract desired emotions, material wealth, and karma. Today they are used for both decorative purposes and for freshening up your home with your favorite scent. First, a little bit about the various types of candles available : pillar candles which are self-standing, taper candles which need especially designed holders and are mostly used on dinner tables. ...

Vegetable & Fruit Chopper

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Do you hate standing in the kitchen chopping vegetables and salad? I do! Cutting vegetables which can be very a long and tedious task especially after a long day at work. Well look no further, you have just found the perfect device. Presenting; Ganesh Vegetable & Fruit Chopper Cutter With Free Chop Blade & Cleaning Tool. Save that valuable after office ...

Non-Stick Dosa Tawa

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If your taste buds are tickled by South Indian delicacies and you’re totally done with your choicest Dosa being stuck to the pan, I’ve got the PERFECT solution for you; the all new Hawkins Futura Non-stick Dosa Tawa.


Digital Photo Frame

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Each of us have a 1001 fond memories. Memories from childhood and school, from COLLEGE and get togethers and from work too. But, is it possible for any of us to get ALL our captured memories printed and put to photo frames? Of course not; neither do we have the time, nor the space to put up a trail of ...

Table Show Pieces

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Square TABLES or oval, carved or basic, wooden or glass top, polished or rubbed; No TABLE, no matter how PERFECTLY crafted it is- can manage to look LIKE a complete package ALL by ITSELF. To make a TABLE looking pleasing, we sure require show pieces that can ADD to the beauty of your TABLE and largely to your fine-looking room. ...