Inspiration for Decorating Stairs

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Stairs occupy a substantial area in any house. while the walls of the staircase are decorated with photos and paintings, the stairs themselves are mostly ignored  and left plain boring. Here are some great ideas for you to cover your stairs with colorful chic tiles and paint!

Moroccan inspired mismatched tiles and the trendiest stair decor this season. Get assorted tiles with beautiful glazed patterns and let your creativity show in mixing patterns and colors. The best part is there is no wrong way to do it!

Black & white patterns are my personal favorite! They effortlessly add a chic and elegant upgrade to any area with making it look like it’s been overdone. You can go for zig-zag or zebra prints.

Write beautiful and meaningful messages on your stairs. You can ever cover the stairs with black chalkboard paint and write messages with colorful chalks!

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