Living Room Color Schemes For This Season

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Decorate your living room in the most trending color schemes of the season.
Vibrant yet calm

Complementary colors such as orange and blue in bright shades come on strong, yet the right decorating strategy ensures people aren’t reaching for their sunglasses. Using the bright shades against a backdrop of white softens the effect. Using the colors in patterns, rather than large blocks, also tones down the color scheme.

Inviting Modern

Cool gray walls paired with plenty of blue captures a modern tone in this living room, which is enhanced by contemporary furniture and accessories. Using soft white, rather than a stark shade, injects the space with warmth, as does the wood coffee table top and touches of nature.

Beach Inspired

While blue and white are standard beach color scheme fare, red also has a place. Inspired by coral, a few hints of red bring something unexpected to this blue and white living room.

City Casual

Mustard Yellow and Olive Brown are the typical warm colors for your living space. But adding a splash of pink will bring in the modern city feel to it and make your space stylish and urbane.

Pretty In Pink

Warm neutrals in a range of light white on the walls, medium latte on the sofa and rug, and dark browns on the furniture frames and floor, are key to pulling off the pink in this living room. Richer tones of pink, raspberry, and fuchsia, rather than pastel hues, and punchy patterns are fun.

Green Goddess

Green pulls out all the stops in this jewel box living room. Jade and emerald on the walls are complemented by with same color accessories throughout the space. A neutral sofa and accent chair calm the vibrant colors.

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